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Swiss Navy 2 in 1 Dispence Silicone/Water-Based Lubricants

$ 24.99

SWISS NAVY™ premium personal lubricants are setting the standard in today’s marketplace. The finest ingredients available are blended into these advanced formulas for exceptional glide and slickness. SWISS NAVY™ premium lubes come in a “leak proof” bottle with a convenient single-hand pump for easy, non-interruptive applications. SWISS NAVY™ is perfect for any intimate activity requiring extra lubrication and less friction. The sleek packaging is “designed to be on the night stand — not in it.”  Ergonomic “leak proof” bottle design with locking pump.  Single-hand pump for easy one-handed application.  Truly long lasting lubrication with a velvety feel.  Silicone formula uses the highest grade on the market: hypo-allergenic/non-absorbable.  Water Based formula is non-staining—safe for toys: hypo-allergenic/absorbable.  Contains silicone and water-based product in one bottle.