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Sportsheets Interchangeable Crop Top System

$ 36.99

If you enjoy impact play and using crops in particular, then you are going to adore the Interchangeable Crop Top System from Sportsheets. This cleverly designed and innovative impact play includes a 22 inch crop and 3 separate heads for your visual and impact pleasure.

The three interchangeable heads are well made and will offer up impacting and pleasing impressions. The first interchangeable crop top is shaped like a heart and will leave pretty little heart impressions on your sub's skin. The second crop top is shaped like a little hand; leave your hand print on your sub's bottom in a different way! The last, and certainly not least, crop top head is shaped like a traditional crop head. Enjoy this innovative and clever item today.

Length: 22 inches. 3 Interchangeable Crop Tops.