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Sportsheets Chained & Tamed Kit

$ 48.99

New from Sportsheets is the Chained & Tamed Kit and you're going to love every little inch of bondage fun included in this kit. You're going to get a PVC Collar that you can introduce your sub to; maybe they've already had a collar and this will be one of your favorite play collars, or maybe you want to take your play time to new levels with your lover. You'll also get a PVC wrist cuff and a PVC ankle cuff that will be just as comfortable as the collar. Chained & Tamed is what your lover will be with this kit.

Place the wrist cuff around one or both wrists and do the same with the ankle cuff. Once you've got your sub restrained this way, employ the 6 foot metal chain and secure them in whatever position you wish! Depending on your level of comfortableness with bondage positions, you can do anything from a simple restraining position where your lover can't move much all the way up to more advanced, and much more uncomfortable positions with the Chained & Tamed Kit. Tame your wild lover as you chain them up for a session of romantic and titillating play!

PVC. 1 Collar. 1 Wrist Cuff. 1 Ankle Cuff. Metal Chain: 6 feet.