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Shockgasm Electro Play Silicone Power Tripper Attachment

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Intensify your electro play when you turn your whole body into the conductor! The Shockgasm Electro Play Power Tripper attachment is a must-have for your static shock pleasure. Unlike other brands, 53X gave this design a silicone contact plate instead so contact is safer and more comfortable.
Simply insert the metal end into your Shockgasm wand handle and place the flexible contact plate so that it is touching your skin, such as a waistband. This replaces any glass electrode by turning your entire body into an static electric current! Experiment by touching your partner's body with your fingers or adding other Shockgasm Electro-Conducting accessories. Better yet, we dare you to lean in for a kiss!


Product Features

  • Silicone Power Tripper
  • Internal NiMH Battery
  • Silicone Contact Plate

Caution: Keep away from water.



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