Femme: The Ben Wa Balls

Novelties By Nasswalk

Incredibly supple, virtually seamless, and perfectly weighted. The Ben Wa Balls from Nasstoys are a pleasurable, effective way to build up strong pelvic floor muscles. Leading to increased sensation, a tighter grip on your playmate or toy, plus stronger orgasms. Coated in a deliciously lifelike material that warms quickly to match body temperature. The two round, weighted spheres will need to be held in place, causing you to squeeze and flex the pelvic floor muscles, hence, the workout.

• Waterproof, silky smooth finish
• These silky smooth coated balls fit snugly in place
• Providing subtle, yet incredibly sensual vibrations as they contact each other
• Inserted into the vagina or anus, the vibrating
• Easy to Clean

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