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Cassie Mini Power Wand - Purple

$ 69.99

Meet Cassie Mini Power Wand, your new sweetheart. This mini wand is super discreet and made from petal-soft medical-grade silicone for the sweetest of touches. The quilted texture on the head of the wand creates a soft teasing sensation that you won't want to stop feeling, complete with an asymmetrical metallic accent on the handle. Less than 5 inches tall, this is the perfect magic wand to take with you wherever you go! Just hold the power button for three seconds or until toy turns on, then press the button to change through 12 different vibration modes. Best used with body-safe water-based lubricants and toy cleaners. 

 Product Features 

  • Medical-grade silicone 
  • 12 Vibration modes 
  • USB Rechargeable 
  • Water-resistant 
  • Length: 4.59 inches, Width: 1.34 inches
  • Uses Sunset Intimates Charger D



  1. Make sure toy is properly washed and sanitized before and after use. 
  2. Make sure toy is fully charged before using. 
  3. Use a body-safe, water-based personal lubricant. Apply to toy and any intimate areas toy may contact. 
  4. Hold power button for 3 seconds or until toy turns on. Press button to change through 12 different vibration modes. 
  5. Gently massage head of toy on desired areas of the body, applying pressure if necessary.