Love Swing


Multi Position Love Swing 
Difficult sexual positions are no longer exclusive to the athletic and sexually gifted... Now, any couples can perform the most stimulating sexual positions possible. Enjoy weightless sex in unlimited positions and explore your deepest fantasies with this magnificent Love Swing. The Love Swing adjusts to any height or angle, giving you opportunity to practice all positions in a comfortable way. Made from polyester mesh canvas with a lining, sturdy enough to support 300 pounds. Love Swing has one back harness, one seat harness and two leg harnesses. 

• Swing with one back harness, one seat harness, and two leg harnesses
• 1 Triangle steel frame
• 1 Spring that holds up to 300 pounds
• 1 Ceiling Anchor

    For more information on the Love Swing please visit:
    The Evolution of the Sex Swing - or as we like to call it, the Love Swing

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