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Reaching Rabbit Jack Rabbit Vibrator - Purple

$ 69.99

Reach your perfect climax with this unbelievable rabbit vibrator! This rabbit has a tantalizingly flat and wide tip for intense G-Spot stimulation. Choose between 7 different vibrating functions for your choice in mind-blowing orgasms. The external bunny tickler titillates with its triple point tickler to reach your sweet spot no matter what! The Reaching Rabbit will definitely have you jumping for joy!

Product Features

  • Medical-Grade Silicone/ABS Plastic Handle 
  • 7 Vibrating Functions & Patterns 
  • Sensual Flat G-Spot Shape 
  • Single Motor 
  • 7.5 inches x 1.14 inches 
  • 2 AAA Batteries [not included]
  • Uses Sunset Intimates Charger D



  1. Make sure toy is properly washed and sanitized before and after use. 
  2. Make sure toy is fully charged before using. 
  3. Use a body-safe, water-based personal lubricant. Apply to toy and any intimate areas toy may contact. 
  4. Insert shaft of toy into vagina with tickler covering  the clitoris. Position wherever is most comfortable. 
  5. Hold power button for 3 seconds to turn on and start vibration mode. Press the top wave button to change through 7 different vibration modes.