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Alpha Inflatable Butt Plug - Blue

$ 129.99
$ 79.99
Alpha Inflatable Butt Plug - Blue
Alpha Inflatable Butt Plug - Blue
$ 129.99
$ 79.99

For the adventurer who is unbound, the Alpha Inflatable Butt Plug is the ultimate anal fantasy. Body-safe silicone makes this toy perfectly safe for insertion and easy to clean. The Alpha's curved lines and rounded handle lends to its smooth and inviting design. 

Hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn toy on and press the bottom wave button to go through its 10 vibrating modes. To inflate anal plug, hold the top button until desired inflation is reached or until inflation is maxed, at an approximate 6 inches of circumference.

To release, press top button once and allow the air to escape through the small opening above the charging port. Vibration and inflation functions may be used together or separately. Water-resistant for shower time fun, this toy pairs best with a water-based lubricant and toy cleaner. 

 Product Features 

  • USB Rechargeable 
  • 10 Vibration Modes 
  • Easy-Release Button 
  • Body-Safe Silicone
  • Total Insertion Length: 4.5 inches
  • Widest Circumference (Inflated): 6 inches
  • Widest Circumference (Deflated): 4.5 inches
  • Widest Diameter (Inflated): 2 inches
  • Widest Diameter (Deflated): 1.5 inches
  • Water-Resistant



    1. Make sure toy is properly washed and sanitized before and after use. 
    2. Make sure toy is fully charged before using. 
    3. Use a body-safe, water-based personal lubricant. Apply to toy and any intimate areas toy may contact. 
    4. Slowly insert plug into anus and position wherever is most comfortable. 
    5. Hold power button for 3 seconds to turn toy on. Press lower wave button to select 1 of 10 vibration modes. Hold top button to inflate anal plug. 
    6. To release inflation, press top button once.