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Fetish Fantasy Series Sub & Dom Kit

$ 54.99

When you're looking for a kinky kit to clearly define your Fetish Fantasy roles, the Fetish Fantasy Sub and Dom Kit is the seductive choice to set the record straight! With a pair of personalized Sub and Dom leather collars ready to identify each lover, the fun starts once the collars are placed on both partners and the role-playing begins. This all-in-one kink kit includes everything you need to enjoy couples-friendly BDSM play in the privacy of your own home: A pair of adjustable Leather Sub and Dom Collars, adjustable Leather Love Cuffs, a Leather Paddle, a Leather Cat O'Nine Tails Flogger, and a premium Leather Love Mask to round out the collection. The heavy duty adjustable leather cuffs ensure your lover won't escape any time soon, while the leather paddle and flogger will playfully punish your partner if they choose to disobey! The personalized Sub and Dom collars easily adjust to fit most sizes, while the leather cuffs keep your lover on lockdown and prevent them from escaping! With just one crack of the flogger or paddle, you and your lover will quickly know who's in charge! If you're looking for the ultimate all-in-one beginner's Bondage Kit, look no further! This kinky cuff and collar collection was designed to get the job done! Includes: Leather Sub Collar Leather Dom Collar Adjustable Leather Cuffs Leather Paddle Leather Cat O'Nine Premium Leather Love Mask