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Female Submissive Slave Harness

$ 195.99

Please your Dominant today with our Female Submissive Slave Harness. This hardcore piece features 3 horizontal straps, one around the neck, below the breasts, and one around the hips held together by two vertical straps. Total we have 9 buckles, all in the back except for the one to adjust the front vertical strap, to make this harness fit perfectly. Four attached D-rings, two on the hips, and one in front, and one on the back of the collar. To make this BDSM pice even more intriguing it features a g-string type chain attache at the hip strap. Oh the Hardcore BDSM possibilities are endless.

• Small/Medium: 
          • Neck Width: 10" to 15"
          • Ribs Width: 27" to 33"
          • Waist Width: 31" to 39"
          • Front Length: 17" to 24", (with Chain 24" to 30")
• Large/X Large:
          • Neck Width: 10.5" to 16"
          • Ribs Width: 28" to 34"
          • Waist Width: 37" to 45"
          • Front Length: 18.5" to 25" (with chain 27" to 33")