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They're great for beginners and pros.  If you’ve been curious, we recommend these Tweezer Clamps to start out. They adjust easily, just slide the metal ring up for a more intense sensation or down for a less intense sensation. The ends of the clamp are tipped with rubber for added comfort; though, if you want more pinch, they are removable. 


Unlike clamps that have a screw to adjust how tight they can get, the tips of Tweezer Clamps are mostly flat, rather than curved; and the space for the nipple has the ability to close more closely instead of staying open by design about 1/3" at the bottom.  This means they can grab on even when the tension from the slider is light. Clamps that are curved tend to close with too much space between them for small nipples, making it necessary to pinch small nipples between the tips of the clamp to keep them on. 


Do not leave clamps attached for more than 15 minutes at a time. 


Product Specifications 


  • Clamps: 2.75" 
  • Material: metal