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Dom/Sub Bust Harness

$ 101.99

Get the best of both worlds with our Dom/Sub Bust Harness. This hardcore piece features quality leather or PVC material and nickel plated hardware. This harness has an adjustable top piece around the neck like a collar, 1 1/2 inch D-ring. The vertical adjustable piece allows for comfortable wear, no matter the bust size. Bottom section of this hardcore harness features 1 1/2 inch D-ring and fits under the breasts, buckling on the back. This BDSM piece contains three 3/4 rolling lock buckles, two 1 1/2 inch D-rings and two 1 inch D-rings. While our Hardcore BDSM page offers almost everything this piece can actually be worn by your slave to attach to almost anything or by the Dominatrix to attach the favorite slave to her.

One Size
• Collar (11.5" to 14.5")
• Under Breast (24.5" to 34.5")
• Collar to Under Breast (8.5" to 11.5")