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Crazy Girl Shave Cream Plumeria 8 oz

$ 14.99

Made with hair and skin softening agents for a smooth, rash-free shave. Helps prevent embarrassing shave bumps and ingrown hairs left behind by other shave products and protects skin during shaving while providing a smooth, moisturizing shave to any part of the body. Crazy Girl Shave Creme softens even the coarsest body hair; perfect for intimate shaving as well as all areas of the body, including legs and underarms. Infused with pheromones to enhance sex appeal and designed for all skin types. The Plumeria Shave Creme has a vibrant, sweet floral aromatically influenced, tropical fern and island breeze scent; an aphrodisiac medley that is almost sinful.

Shave Creme with Pheromones. 8 fluid ounces.