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Climax Bunnies Bunny Bullet 10 Speed

$ 20.99

If you are looking for a simple way to enhance lovemaking or masturbation, this Climax Bunnies Bunny Bullet is a great new love toy for you. It features a brightly colored bullet in the shape of a bunny with a body that vibrates to bring maximum pleasure. The bunny ears also wiggle to provide soft sensations anywhere. The slim ergonomic controller provides ten powerful functions of vibrations and pulsations to ensure you receive the maximum pleasure possible. This Jackpin controller for the Climax Bunnies Bunny Bullet can also be used with other Jackpin compatible toys. It features a separate on/off button so you can easily begin or end your fun whenever you are ready. The ten functions of vibrations and wiggling are sure to please anyone in any way you like. This climax bunnies bunny bullet is a great addition to sexual play whether alone or with a partner.

• Plastic
• 10 Functions
• Jackpin Compatible
• Requires 2-AA Batteries (Not Included)