Experience the Sensual Exploration of Miffy-T

Miffy-T is a great toy for foreplay during your play session[s] for him AND for her. Use the soft flickering tongue on her, starting down low and working your way up to the clit. The tongue can also be used on him to lick up and down his shaft and on the tip of his penis – for added stimulation, try setting the tongue on his perineum. Get creative, nipple play feels great on everyone as well.

The 2 inch long bunny ears can be used as a flexible single or double handle, to manipulate the movement and rotation of the toy, better targeting all your sweet spots. If you're feeling adventurous, flip the toy around and slide its petal-soft ears inside you to feel the low rumbling pressed against you with subtle vibrations trickling through the ears.

This frisky tongue, wasn't just made for her, the sensation of the Miffy-T tongue on his taint and your hand on his penis will send him over the edge. Turn on your Miffy-T and begin applying pressure, lifting up slightly to feel your toy dig into your perineum. Feel the flickering tongue glide across as you get closer to your anus. Pick your favorite setting and with time you'll start to feel light contractions of your testicles.

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