ElectraStim Lula Kegel Balls

Sunset Novelties

If you love jiggle balls, Ben Wa balls and Kegel exercisers, you should check out the ElectraStim Silicone Noir Lula Kegel Balls. They're not only designed for G-spot stimulation, they can also be used in combination with an ElectraStim stimulator to help you exercise your pelvic floor.

Lula combines a free-roaming jiggly ball in the top and has bi-polar e-stim connection in the bottom ball, with the inputs nestled inside the lengthy retrieval cord. Expect tingling contractions, a rolling massage for your G-spot and other new erotic sensations that vibrating sex toys simply cannot replicate.

You need to use Lula with a stimulator. Check out our Gift Packs and you can save money when you buy a stimulator and Lula together. Use a pattern setting to help strengthen your pelvic floor by squeezing your muscles around the balls in time with stimulation.

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