Neon Wand Electrode Accessory Kit, Purple


Add extra spark to your play with our Electrode Accessory Kit. This kit features 8 pieces: tongue, cloud, helix comb, live wire, dali electrode, codenser, mushroom electrode, and the pinwheel. Each piece has its own unique part in play. The tongue is the bulb of the electrode that tapers to a snub nose end. The cloud is a tubular attached that lights up giving it more beautiful luminence. This helix comb features the teeth of the comb that allows a soft flow of electricity to caress evenly. The live wire is a metal point of this probe perfect for targeting more intense sensations than other glass tipped probes. The dali electrode is perfect for using on arms and legs, creating two simulaneous points of contact. The condenser smaller top of this attachedment puts more focus on a point, making it a powerful connection. The mushroom is a gently tickling sensation, a light guide to help explore your limits. The phinwheel xreates a slightly stong jolt when attached to the power tripper (not included).

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