Crops, Paddles, & Whips

Crops, Paddles and Whips - Oh my! These items are just a starting point in a Fetish lifestyle.

  • Crop: a short whip without a lash. Most are like a horse crop used in horse riding to get you more familiar with the item.
  • Paddle: made of two parts - the handle and the blade. The paddle is made for "paddling" on the butt and normally requires one hand.
  • Whip: more intense, there are two types out there. One type is a firm one piece device used to strike directly and the second type is a flexible whip that has to be swung in a specific manner to be effective. The whip differs from the crop being that the whip is slower due to increased size and flexibility.

Any one of these items are great to begin your journey into BDSM or just to satisfy those extra sexual desires. Check out our collection and see what is right for you.

Fetish & BDSM

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