How to Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Healthy Sexual Habits

How to Turn New Year’s Resolutions into Healthy Sexual Habits

New Year’s Eve and adult sex toys don’t always go together, but they share a link that is important. New Year’s Eve is about new starts, making resolutions and hoping for a better you in the future. Healthy sexual habits, include more passionate times together, caring that she has an orgasm, and being safe are also items that points towards a better you in the future. Most New Year’s Resolutions are lost by the end of January. Most sex toys last for years. If you’re looking to make a promise to yourself that you can keep, think about adding sex toys to your bedroom in hopes of a healthy sexual habit that you can grow with. 


Healthy sexual habits include keeping yourself in shape so that you’re visually attractive to yourself and your significant other. Gym memberships at the beginning of the year peak. Three months later, an overwhelming amount of those memberships either get cancelled or go unused. Staying in reasonable shape in today’s world is getting harder and harder but doing the little things can help your pants fit looser and your profile get slimmer.  

If your resolution was to spend more less time staring at a device, then getting into the bedroom is another quality option. Put down the phone and pick up a couple’s vibrator. The toys are just one of many type of adult sex toys that can bring you closer together and offer more pleasure to you both. The typically fit inside her and stimulate her clitoris. The “couple” part comes in because there is a remote control that can adjust the settings of the vibrator. You can play with this toy in bed or in public. It can be fun to watch her squirm as you up the setting while she is getting a drink at the bar. It’s healthy to discuss how the adventure went after it is over to see what she liked, what worked best and what to avoid for the next time.  

Another popular New Year’s Resolution is to spend more time with family and friends. If you have an immediately family, the kind where there are school-aged children still at home, then finding alone time and not waking people up is an issue. Sex toys can’t help you stay quiet, just the opposite, but they can allow you to make better use of that time and have more sex time together. The other benefit is that the time that you do spend together, especially with the kids, can pay off as you will be more demonstrative in regard to the affection that you show your significant other. Showing your kids how loving parents treat each other and enjoy each other can only help them become better partners themselves.  

Healthy sex habits are incorporated with healthy living habits. If you’re thinking that having a vigorous sex life is the same as healthy sex habits, they are not. Staying safe by using condoms if you are having multiple sex partners is one healthy habit, but it’s not going to improve your overall mental or physical health.  

Getting all the proper vaccines and boosters for things like Hepatitis A, B and C is important. Knowing if you do have any STD’s is also important and many of them can influence your short- and long-term physical health. Many counties across the country have free clinics that will treat you on a sliding payment scale tied to your income. Staying sexually healthy is equally important to keeping your whole body healthy.  

Finally, your New Year’s Resolutions should include healthy sexual habits like opening your mind and body to new and safe experiences. Finding ways to grow mentally and spiritually include a healthy sex life. Sex toys, adults toys for him, for her or for couples is a great way to start the new year.