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Five Valentine’s Day Sex Toys That Hit The Target

Posted on December 14 2021

Five Valentine’s Day Sex Toys That Hit The Target

Valentine’s Day 2022 Gift Ideas for Couples

Every February 14th, lovers and couples must decide what gifts to give to show their affection. Usually, sweet ideas pop up like candy, flowers and an expensive dinner. At Sunset Intimates, we’d like to see Valentine's Day gifts have a little more staying power to them. Candy turns to cavities. Flowers can stay, but the expensive dinner – invest that few hundred dollars in a gift that keeps on giving.

Instead of small talk, we have five sex toy products that will turn that small talk into pillow talk. Many come with a remote that will give new meaning to the phrase “Pass the remote.”


Cumulus – with a remote control dual vibrator or a panty vibrator, this is the perfect Valentine’s Day adult toy for couples. From Bedroom Essentials, a brand known for highly-pleasurable quality products.


Discover your new favorite toy to share with your partner! The Cumulus Couples Vibrator is a wearable toy for her and is perfect for solo or coupled play. Its U-shaped design features a larger stimulator to wrap over her clitoris while the slender stimulator is inserted vaginally, resting against her G-spot.

A male partner can slide into her and feel every vibration with her. 10 vibration speeds can be controlled from a wireless remote for easy use. Rechargeable and water-resistant for even more intimate Valentine’s Day fun.

Product Features

  • Fully rechargeable
  • 10 vibration modes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Internal and external stimulation for her
  • 100% medical-grade silicone
  • Water-resistant


Richter Scale – the earth will move with this bond wand for couples, from Herquake – know for intense pleasure that is off the charts. It’s where power meets vibrations for the ultimate ride.

Product Features

  • Colossal Vibrating Wand
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Flexible Neck
  • Ergonomic Handle Grip
  • 10 Vibration Patterns
  • 3-Button Control
  • Water-Resistant
  • Total Length: 10.5 inches
  • Head Diameter: 2.25 Inches
  • Head & Neck Height: 3.5 inches
  • Handle Length: 7 inches
  • Silicone & ABS Plastic


Thrust – From Bun Fun line of products, this anal plug comes with a remote control where you go from playful to nasty with the flick of your thumb.

Level up your anal pleasure experience with the Thrust anal vibe's internal thumping capability! While anal plugs are not designed for thrusting, this vibrating plug safely provides that glorious sensation while leaving the toy inserted. A heavy magnetic weight within the neck is repelled up and down repeatedly, creating the heavenly sensation of throbbing thrusts inside your bum!

If you want to get in the hot bath or shower, don't leave Thrust behind, just leave it in your behind! The splash-proof remote will only function above water, while the sealed silicone plug can be safely submerged for extra depths of pleasure. Play with Thrust when you're all alone in the tub or share the fun with a lover! Give your partner quite the show as they hold the remote control and send you through the 7 levels of heaven!


Product Features

  • Vibrating & Thumping Anal Plug
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • USB Rechargeable (Plug)
  • 7 Thrusting Patterns
  • 1-Button Control
  • Integrated Travel Lock
  • Total Length: 5.9 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4 inches
  • Widest Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Neck Diameter: 0.89 inch
  • Silicone (Plug) & ABS Plastic (Remote)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Remote Uses One (1) 23A 12V Battery, (Not Included)



The Wade – This prostrate with remote is also from Bun Fun.

Fall in love with Wade, the perfect wireless remote control anal toy that will get behind your special intimate needs. This handsome specimen is big in all the right ways, flexible in all the right places, and ready to go all night long!

Stroke your senses with the multi-speed inner rotating beads located at the base of the insertable shaft. The 3 different speeds help you gradually increase the intensity of your play so you don't become overstimulated. Combine these with any of Wade's 10 vibration patterns to find your orgasmic combination!

The wireless remote gives you up to 30 feet of distance control, making your anal playtime as hassle-free as possible. Even better, give up the remote to your partner and let them take charge!

Product Features

  • Vibrating Prostate Massager
  • Inner Rotating Beads
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Range: Up To 30 Feet
  • USB Rechargeable
  • 10 Vibrating Patterns
  • 2-Button Control (Toy)
  • 2-Button Control (Remote)
  • Integrated Travel Lock
  • Insertable Length: 5 inches
  • Shaft Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Remote Length: 2.5 inches
  • Silicone (Toy) & ABS Plastic (Remote)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Remote Uses One (1) CR2032 3V Battery, (Included)


Beach Fever – warming, rotator, dual stim, - Beach Bunny comes in five fun colors.

Plunge into waves of bliss with the Beach Fever heating rabbit vibrator! The shaft provides triple stimulation with its inner rotating beads, reversible winding shaft, and inner heating function. Cycle through the 6 massaging shaft modes as well as the 12 clitoral vibration patterns to find your perfect pleasure combo. So bask in these sexy summer vibes and catch that beach pleasure fever!


Product Features

  • Heating Rabbit Vibrator
  • USB Rechargeable
  • Reversible Winding Shaft
  • Inner Rotating Beads
  • 6 Shaft Functions
  • 12 Clitoral Vibration Patterns
  • 3-Button Control
  • Integrated Travel Lock
  • Total Length: 8.75 inches
  • Insertable Length: 4.5 inches
  • Widest Diameter: 1.37 inches
  • Silicone & ABS Plastic
  • Water-Resistant 

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