To Use Water Based Lube or Silicone Lube?  Your Personal Lubricant Questions Answered.

To Use Water Based Lube or Silicone Lube? Your Personal Lubricant Questions Answered.

Without fail, every week we have several customers in our stores and online asking the same questions:

Is it safe to use water based lube in the shower?

Is it safe to use silicone lube with my dildo?

What lube do I use? Help!

So we thought it was a good time to debunk some myths about personal lubricants and enlighten all of our frisky friends about what lubes will give you the best sexual experiences whether they're solo, with a partner, or a whole slew of lovers.  If you have more questions about what lube is right for you, drop us a note in the comments section and we will be sure to answer!


PROS:  Safe to use with latex condoms and sex toys of all kinds

             Easy to wash off of body and other things (toys, bedding, etc)

             Offers the natural feeling of wetness and lubrication

             Essentially tasteless and odorless - unless flavored for novelty use

CONS:  Dries up more quickly than oil or silicone based lubes

             Cannot be used in water (will wash off immediately upon contact with water)

VERDICT:  Water based lubricants are the most easy to find and are often less expensive than their silicone or oil based counterparts.  While it does not last as long as those with oil or silicone, it is SAFE TO USE with condoms and sex toys which is a definite plus.  Not only that, there are so many options and formulas out there that you can most certainly find one that you REALLY love and is right for you!           


PROS:   Maintains "wetness" and maintains its slick feeling for long lengths of time

              Multi-purpose: can be used for both personal lubrication but doubles up as a massage oil for added pleasure 

              Because they do not contain water, they do not dry up or rinse off easily and therefore can be used in the spa, pool, shower, under a waterfall or during any wet n wild playtime.

              Works well for people with skin allergies and sensitivities

CONS:   Degrades silicone toys and products made of silicone!

              Not ideal for use during oral sex - tastes bad

              Can be difficult to get off of sheets, bedding, clothing - stains easily

VERDICT:  The ideal scenario to use silicone based lubricants is one where you need the lube to last for a while, may be getting action in the shower or other wet areas and want to keep your nether regions slick and slippery for intense pleasure, and when you don't anticipate using silicone based sex toys as part of the fun.  


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