Everything You Need to Know About Dildos

Everything You Need to Know About Dildos

A Dildo Glossary of Terms 


Sunset Intimates Is Here to Help You When It's Time To Go Down 


The world of dildo sex toys can be a dizzying and intimidating one with so many options to choose from. At Sunset Intimates, we work a little harder in store to engage with our customers and find out exactly what makes them feel good. Then we can guide you in to the right toys. Sometimes customers come in for a dildo, but leave with a dildo, a bullet and a zodiac butt plug.  


There are approximately 200 certified dildo variations recognized by the experts at Sunset Intimates, formerly known as Sunset Novelties. We thought we’d start a glossary of dildo types to help you get familiar with them. 


Glossary of Dildo Types: 


Glass: Best for temperature play and hard stimulation 


Silicone: Usually flexible for easier stimulation 


Large Dildo: Gives the feeling of being stretched and full  


Double Ended: Double penetration, flexible and ideal for those who like the full feeling (I tried a double ended dildo) 


Metal: Ideal for temperature play and more rigid stimulation 


Fantasy - If you want something totally out of this world in looks, size and texture, these dildos can help you get off and add a bit of role playing. With names like Ogre, Merman, and Satyr, you can expect anything extra girth, length, nubs and more.  


Rabbit Vibrator:  Clitoral and G-spot stimulation that uses motorized 


Suction cup: This allows you to ride your dildo and get into more positions 


More About Suction Cup Dildo 


Speaking of suction cup dildos, they give you a flexibility that allows you to get into your favorite positions using one or two of them. If you need some ideas, here’s our sex positions for suction cup dildos: 


Classic doggy style – slap the toy on any bedroom, hallway, kitchen door, wall or your shower door and you are in business. Set the perfect height for pleasure spots, and there you you, 


Chair Ride Position – affix the dildo to the seat of a chair, wooden, plastic, chair and bounce on it. 


Mirror – great for videotaping your fun. A mirror gives you a great view of the action for some extra visual stimulation for your and your fans. 


Bathtub – water and sex are always an enticing combination. For this writer, I too have enjoyed shower sex, but I find that lube and a cooler temperature of water help bring me home. 


Strap-ons – if you’re strapping on a dildo, there’s someone else with you. Make sure they like the size and girth of the toy before going to town. Lube for guys is a must, but use whatever you can in the moment.  


This Just In: Double Ended Dildo Are Also A Blast 


Getting a double ended dildo is an investment into your personal well-being and happiness. Don’t go in too cheap, as cheap toys are guaranteed to smell horrible and break quickly. Plus, you’re also not sure if the material will be safe. 


Try to get a double-ended dildo in the medium range as they bring good quality without costing a ton. If you want to get something more advanced and high-end, you can always go up in value, but if you don’t really need the extra features, stick with what you can afford. 


No matter how you use your dildo, enjoy your time alone or together with a friend. Keep it well lubed, one way or another, and makes sure you clean it right.  

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