Adult Sex Toys – A Glossary Of Terms

Adult Sex Toys – A Glossary Of Terms

When you walk into an adult store, even on our Sunset Intimates stores in Florida and Georgia, you are greeted with a dizzying array of toys. Giant dildos, life-sized body forms, wildly colored vibrators, anal plugs hitting you in the face can put you off your game. You came in for a toy this first impression can be intimidating and downright frightening. A glossary of sex toys might be required reading before you step inside our showroom or jump into online shopping. 


At Sunset Intimates, our customers are greeted with a warm smile and an offer to help. That’s great, but when you are feeling shy and embarrassed about walking into an adult sex shop, it might be the last thing you want to hear. We keep on trying and we want you to be happy with the toy you bought and that it does what you want it to go: give you an orgasm. 


What is a sex toy? 
A sex toy, or an adult sex toy, is an object or device used to enhance sexual pleasure. There are many different types of sex toy, meaning no matter what body parts you have or what your relationship status is, we have what you need to help you enjoy a more exciting, playful life in the bedroom. 


What is a vibrator? 


A vibrator, sometimes described as a massager, is a sex toy that is used on the body to produce pleasurable sexual stimulation. There are many different shapes and models of vibrators like bullets, clitoral stimulators, rabbit vibrators and more. Vibrators can be used for both solo play and partnered play by one or more people and can be applied to erogenous zones, such as the clitoris, the vulva or vagina, penis, scrotum or anus. 


What is a dildo? 
A dildo is basically anything that goes into a vagina, anus or mouth. Most of these adult sex toys are made from silicone, which is safe. The world of dildo sex toys can be a dizzying and intimidating one with so many options to choose from. At Sunset Intimates, we work a little harder in store to engage with our customers and find out exactly what makes them feel good. Sometimes customers come in for a dildo, but leave with a dildo, a bullet and a butt plug.   


What is a male stimulant? 


Male stimulants are manufactured to increase sexual performance and endurance. Viagra is a popular male stimulant, but since it became popular, there are many new types of male stimulants on the market.  


Sex Toys for Men 


Sex toys for me are similar in some types to those for women. All are designed like dildos and vibrators, to be inserted into the anus or mouth. Proper lube and cleaners are an important part of the lineup for sex toys for men. BDSM and other types of sex subcultures can also be places where sex toys for men are used. 


Sex Toys for Women 


Sex toys for women include the same as sex toys for men. Vibrators, couples’ vibrators, double-ended dildos, rabbit vibrators, bullets, remote-controlled vibrators and more are great sex toys for women. Experiment and find the ones that do the job for you. 


Here's a glossary of sex toys: 


Anal – anything to do with toys that pleasure the man’s prostate or the woman’s A-spot. Yes you can have anal orgasms if you are a woman. 


Anal Beads – typically a flexible toy comprised of a string of balls even spaced and connected on the toy. Designed to give the user the pleasure of the sphincter opening and closing at the will of their partner or solo. 


Anal Sex Toys - designed to stimulate the nerve ending in your anus and prostate if you are a man. Like the G-spot in a woman’s vagina, the prostate can be stimulated through pressure brought on by rubbing, vibration and a combination of both.  


BDSM – an acronym for the sex practice that stands for bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism. BDSM toys and devices include stainless steel, leather, plastic balls, nipple clamps, paddles and whips. 


Bullet – this sex toy is meant to be inserted into the vagina or the anus. It vibrates and can be used in or out of the bedroom.  


Butt Plugs – made from stainless steel, these toys are pear shaped toys have a wide, round base at the end so that it will stay inserted and in place. They are usually worn during sex to provide extra stimulation for the woman and the man. 


Cock Rings – this is a simple toy that is usually low in price. It is worn at the base of the penis and it restricts blood flow so that the erection is harder and longer lasting. It also can provide clitoral stimulation for couples.  


Dildos – a life-like penis toy that comes in a shocking range of size and textures. They can be found with or without testicles, a suction cup and are usually sold in black or tan. 



Electric Sex Toys – Part of the BDSM collection, these toys provide an electric shock when placed against the skin. The intensity of the shock is dialed up or down by the Dominant partner. 


Vibrators – probably the best-known toy, modern vibrators can be simple and manually operated. Modern vibrators have magnets and motors in them to simulate thrusting and pounding motions. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 



Wand – a dildo that runs on a rechargeable battery, it has a vibrating ball on the business end that gets place wherever you want the stimulation. Intensity and timing of the vibration is regulated by the user. 


Wearable Dildo – this lesbian-centric toy is worn by the dominant female inside her vagina. She can penetrate her partner, male or female, and give and get stimulation with this toy. 


Strap On – a combination of a dildo fitted into a harness worn by a female. She can mount another female or “peg” a male anally with this sex toy. 


Clitoral Vibrators – growing in popularity due to technological advances, these toys can be worn on a finger or held like a full-sized vibrator against the clit to achieve an orgasm. 


Clitoral Sucking Toys – amazing little toys that reproduce the sucking and licking that a partner can perform. They are rechargeable and in 2021 hit new popularity. 


G-Spot Toys - Thanks to their slight curve or expertly positioned bump, G-spot toys make it easy to apply firm pressure to the G-spot 


Rabbit Vibrators - A rabbit toy is a combo of two types of sex toys: an external vibrator and a G-spot toy. 


Prostate Toys – slender, curved toys that are like a G-spot toys that provide direct stimulation to the male prostate 

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