Sunset Novelties Product Review - WeVibe 4 Plus

Hey guys, it’s Meaghan, your Sexpert here at Sunset Novelties, and I’m here to talk to you about a productt we have called the WeVibe 4+.


Alright, so today I’m going to be showing you the WeVibe 4+. We’ve got the box here, it’s a higher end toy so you have a nice box for it. The top is just gonna slide off just like that.


We’ve got the toy, the remote, the charging port, and the cord that comes with it.


Ok, so first thing out of the box, what you’re going to want to do is make sure you have a charge on your toy. Now, it comes with a little bit of a charge to it, but you’re gonna want to charge your toy fully before using it. So we’re gonna get the charging port. Now, it’s got three charging ports here, don’t be confused by that, it’s really simple. This middle port here is gonna have a little divot in it, and that’s gonna be for the buttons, so that’s how you know exactly how to put in. You’re gonna put it in just like that. Now it has a magnetic charger to it, so it’s not gonna overcharge. Some previoius toys they’ve had trouble with that, so they’ve made it to where it doesn’t overcharge. And then, your remote is actually gonna sit just like that. Then you just plug in in the back here, this end of the charger, and then this is actually a USB attachment, and you can put that into any USB port, and your USB port is gonna go directly into the wall. Now, it doesn’t come with this, but any phone charger you can just take your charger out of the USB port and put this directly in there. So that is charging your toy.


So now that your toy is charge and ready to go, I’m going to be showing you some of the new features that WeVibe has made with this toy as compared to their previous toys. This would be the WeVibe 3, and this is an awesome toy. There’s no problems with it per se, but they’ve made this toy even better.


So, this is not made from the same material that this is. This is made from their medical grade silicone, which is a lot smoother and a lot nicer feeling than their previous WeVibe 3. Also some of the changes that they’ve made include the flatness of this part. Now, I’ll explain to you what that means. So basically, you can wear this toy. This part is gonna be the G-spot stimulator, and this is gonna be the clitoris. So you can put this directly into you and you can wear it because it’s very flexible. Now, with this toy you can actually wear it during intercourse. But, some of the complaints they had were that this was going in and because this is not a flat back, during intercourse they were having some problems with it moving inside. So, what they did was they made this part completely flat on the toy, so now when it enters, it’s not going to be sliding to the left or to the right while you’re having intercourse. So, awesome changes they’ve made to the toy, they listen to the customers and they made that change. So you’re not going to have those problems like with the WeVibe 3.


Ok, so the only other change that WeVibe has made from the 4 to the 4+ is gonna be the phone app that you can actually use to control your vibrator. So I’ve already got the app downloaded, it’s called we Connect. you can download it on Google Play if you have an Android, or iTunes, if you have an iPhone. It’s really simple. So as soon as you go into the app you’re going to have your options on the left hand side here. You have pair WeVibe, sign-in, register, and you also have, like, Connect to my Lover, Create My Vibe, things of that nature. It’s really simple to navigate through the app. So we have got the toy connected here, just gonna hit play to connect. It’s going to ask you if you want to connect or if you want to explore the app a little bit more - just hit connect. And, you should be connected right to the toy. So, it’s connected right to the toy, and it started vibrating right away. Now, what’s awesome about the app is that this is a dual motor toy. So you have the motor for the G-spot and a motor for the clitoris. Down here you have the internal, clitoral, and the external, G-spot. And what you can do is completely turn one off, or turn one up. Basically you can use those motors separately, so if you’re wanting no clitoral and all G-spot stimulation you can actually do that using the app. What’s also cool about the app is that you can save differenet functions. So if you’ve started using a pattern it’s gonna place the pattern here, and you can actually physically save it on the app as well.


Alright so that’s basically the WeVibe 4+ for you. Awesome changes that have been made to it, the two major changes. And just having the app and that functionality with it is amazing. Just imagine your husband’s at home and you’re going on a trip. He can control your every thought and desire on the app as you wear the toy. You can also send messages at the same time, or be on FaceTime or Skype with him. The possibilities are endless with this toy. So, number 1 couple’s vibrator, absolutely awesome. And I’m Meaghan, your Sexpert here at Sunset Novelties.

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