Sunset Novelties Product Review - Sensuva ON

Video Highlights:

00:00 It’s Meaghan! Sexpert at Sunset Novelties

00:13 Today we’re talking about ON by Sensuva, an all natural arousal oil

00:48 Guaranteed to send your orgasms through the stratosphere!

01:10 Just a drop’ll do ya, highly concentrated

01:49 Two formulas, ON Ice (cooling/buzzing) and ON original/ultra (warming/buzzing)

02:30 Must have product!


Hey, guys! It’s Meaghan, again. Your Sexpert here at sunset novelties, and i’ve got another product review for you today. So today i’m here to talk to you about a product called ON. On is an all natural arousal oil for women. It’s to increase sensitivity. But what makes this product so amazing, is that it actually has a buzzing sensation to it. It’s gonna absorb directly into the skin, and whatever area it absorbs into is gonna buzz.SO now you’re wondering, who’s gonna benefit from this product. Everyone The answer is,, absolutely everyone. You’re either one of two women. You either have a problem with sensitivity, or you don’t. If you do have an issue with sensitivity, this product is guaranteed to increase your sensitivity. If you don’t have a problem with it, this product is guaranteed to send your orgasms into the stratosphere.


So as you can see it’s in this nice box. You just open it up… And, the tube is actually smaller, but there’s no need to worry. You don’t need much at all. So i already have a tester here, what you’re gonna do with it, is you’re gonna put literally one drop on the area. One drop is all you need. It’s gonna absorb directly into the ski, and  you only need the one drop because it’s so highly concentrated.  You can apply it to the hood, the clitoral area, or even the shaft of a man. And it’s gonna take about 45 seconds to a minute to really kick in, that’s when you’re going to feel that buzzing sensation I was talking about. Now, it does come in two formulas as well,  we have the ON Ice, which is awesome for anyone who likes a cooling feature. It’s gonna be like that breath of fresh air. You also have warming that’s gonna be in the original and the ultra, it’s not gonna make you feel like you’re on fire, but it’s gonna give you that extra sensation and the intensity.


So, I had mentioned earlier about that buzzing that was going to come from this oil. The buzzing sensation is actually going to make you feel like you have a vibrator on whatever area you apply it to. It’s absolutely amazing. Not only that, but when you’re having intercourse, even after intercourse, you’re still gonna feel that buzzing sensation, and it’s gonna make you feel you’re having multiple orgasms. This is a must have product. Whether you’re looking for the cooling, or the warming, ON is your product for sensitivity.


This is Meaghan, your Sexpert here at Sunset Novelties bringing you ON, the female arousal oil.


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