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What to Wear: Themed Swingers Parties

Posted on April 13 2016

The Most Popular Themed Nights for Swingers are:

1. Glow Parties
2. Little Black Dress Parties
3. White Parties
4. Naughty Nurse Parties
5. Sexy School Girl Parties
6. Fishnet Parties
7. Lingerie Parties
8. Fetish Leather and Lace Parties
9. Costume Parties
10. Mardi Gras Parties

Swinging is known as wife swapping or partner swapping amongst committed couples that engage in sexual activities with others for recreational or social activity. There are many reasons why people swing or choose the lifestyle. Most couples say they swing to add more spice to their relationships at the same time strengthening the relationship. Swinging has evolved from the sexual revolution from the 1960’s when people started having an open mind towards sex. Swinging today is often found as gatherings such as sex clubs or parties that offer like-minded couples and singles to meet and greet. Swinging can also take place in semi-public venues such as private homes, lifestyle cruise ships, hotel takeovers and Hedo resorts. People have the misconception that if you are a swinger then you are naked and don’t need clothes. That is the furthest from the truth. Swingers come in all shapes and sizes and it is important that they feel and look sexy. Most of these clubs and venues hold themed parties for swinger’s night. We will discuss what to expect when visiting a themed night party and what you should wear.  Swinging is about being sexy and going about it in a healthy way that will give you and your partner pleasure without deceit.  If you are wanting to see all the swinger clothing click here.

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