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The Evolution of the Sex Swing - or as we like to call it, the Love Swing

Posted on April 13 2016

The Evolution of the Sex Swing - or as we like to call it, the Love Swing
Written by Olliver, The Big O!
You’d like to think you are a god or goddess behind closed doors. Perhaps you are. Everyone wants to be satisfied and hopefully aims to satisfy their partner as well. If you aren’t fulfilling your lover’s needs intimately, you suck - and not in the good way. Passionate sex can really keep a relationship going or a potential lover coming back for more. How? Why? Don't complicate this shit. Sex is just fucking awesome. If it's not then you're doing it wrong. So be good at it. People knew this over 2,000 years ago when an ancient Indian text called The Kama Sutra was written. You've heard of it, and you probably think it's simply a book of sexual positions. On the surface, yeah, but mostly no. Thank ancient India’s King Ahmad for commissioning poets and sages to study and write about love and intimacy. Seriously, shout out to the dead for their sexual curiosities. These scholars and writers knew the importance of a healthy sexual imagination. They knew that fostering desire and intimacy was essential for lovers - and they were right. Most of the sexual positions were for the more physically fit and flexible, so our Indian masterminds began using ropes and pulleys for effortless, weightless, and - most importantly - mind blowing sex. 
This was the beginning of the sex swing. 
To be honest, a closer look tells us that though these primitive sex swings served their purpose, they weren’t exactly crafted with comfort in mind. Think carpet burn or chafing but in the worst way - not cool. Fear not, my sexual beings! Over the last two millennia the sex swing has developed into a well-crafted oscillation system of orgasms. Don't be intimidated or get bashful. Let's not pretend you've never had sex furniture. You have a bed, friend, and if you're reading this I doubt you use it just for sleep. Not to mention (but I will) your counters, chairs, couches, desks, floors, tables, vehicles and so on. Furniture for sex = sex furniture. Call it what you will, but it is what it is.
Regardless of how physically fit you are or how much you can pretzel your body around for exotic positions, great sex can (and should) be exhausting. If you aren’t spent, you probably aren’t satisfied. Imagine working muscles from your neck to your calves, positioning and repositioning, sweating and breathing heavily, almost there - so close - aaaannnd shit. This is normal. Well, not generally, but it happens. Maybe you aren’t the most athletic type or you have mobility issues - that's okay. Maybe your partner is selfish and isn't making sure you get yours too - that’s not okay. Don't stick around for that. Maybe you want to spice things up - always okay (I stress the word always). Whatever your situation, Sunset Novelties highly recommends trying the Love Swing for the most stimulating sex you could imagine. 
The Love Swing comes padded for comfort and maximum relaxation, holds up to 300lbs, and can be adjusted to any height or angle. It provides effortless body support, leverage, and flexibility for deeper, longer and more satisfying sex. Don’t exclude fantasies because of physical limits. There aren't limits! Hang the Love Swing from your ceiling or door frame and enjoy endless positions with harnesses made for your back, legs, and for sitting support. Some favorite positions include missionary, doggy, and oral, but with unlimited angles available these classic positions will make you both explode. Ever heard of floating oral? How about floating 69? I'd like to pause for dramatic effect and let you ponder that for a moment... 
I'm just saying. 
Try experimenting with multiple angles or hang your swing over a chair or bed for some weightless, up and down motion. Feeling frisky? Good, I like it. Spin your partner around with ease. That's right, 360 degrees. Feeling really frisky? Attach some restraints for some BDSM play and keep your partner exactly where you want them. 
Shop Sunset Novelties for your very own Love Swing or check out our selection of love swings to meet your specific sexual needs. 


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