Evolution of Sex Toys

Sex toys as early as of 2000 were toys that had been around for ages with little or no change.  The dildos were very basic and usually had a strong smell of petroleum.  I remember when i first opened my store "Sunset Novelties" back in the early part of 2002 the industry was just starting to make changes.  The sex toy industry was lacking new products, and were honestly not safe conscious.  Adult bookstores were the only place you could get sex toys and the majority of the adult bookstores were very seedy with mostly men as patrons.  I wanted to have a strong female customer base so recognizing this i went after that market which at that time had a huge void.  I envisioned Sunset Novelties to be a one stop shop for anything and everything sexy.  It was hard in the beginning because the sex industry was just starting to change within a very short period of time sex toys have really evolved.

Evolution Of Jack Rabbit Vibrator

One of the first toys that revolutionized the adult toy market was that of The Original Jack Rabbit.  The Jack Rabbit was made famous with all the women from a 90's HBO sit com called Sex and the City.  The sales from the jack rabbit skyrocketed and the style of toy is as popular today as it was in the beginning.  The only short comings of The Original Jack Rabbit was that the beads although revolutionary were not very strong so pressure would jam them and the toy had a wired remote control with no on off switch.  The next line of Rabbits that evolved was that of the Osaki Twister Jack Rabbit Vibrator and Osaki Beaver.  The Osaki Twister and the Osaki Beaver was the same concept with some major changes.  The Osaki didn't have a wired controller to get in the way.  All the controls were on the rabbit itself making this a toy that wouldn't get tangled in the sheets.  The Twister also had an on off switch therefore the next time you are wanting to play with your sex toy you wouldn't find the batteries dead.

So now you are asking yourself what makes this toy so great and how has it stood the test of time.  We first have to realize that a sex toy before this unveiling was very plain and basic.  The vibration was either on off or you had a very cheap knob that controlled the intensity.  The Jack Rabbits concept was revolutionary for its time.  The body of the vibe had rotating pearl beads that went in a circular motion while being used, so once inserted into the vagina the woman could feel the beads rotating inside of her along with the head of the toy.  This gave women orgasms that they had never experienced before.  Most women before this never have even heard of not to mention having a G Spot Orgasm.  It gets better though, the ears of the rabbit was a clitoral stimulator so while the toy is giving pleasure to the g spot the outer ears flickered back and fourth over the cliterous.  Now women are rushing to their local adult bookstore to find this amazing toy that does things that men just can't do.  In short time this adult toy has evolved from a rabbit to a Purely Decadent Hummingbird or a Blush Butterfly Stroker.  G Spot stimulation and Clitoral stimulation both at the same time what a concept.  

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 New Advancements Jack Rabbit Vibrators

  1. Stronger Shaft with Firmer Beads
  2. Usb Rechargeable
  3. Various Pulsations and Vibrations
  4. Stronger Clitoral Stimulation
  5. Ergonomically Fits a Womans Contours ( Flexible Clitoral Vibrations )

Top 10 Jack Rabbit Vibrators 2014 - 2015 

  1. Vanity by Jopen Vr4.5 Luxury Jack Rabbit
  2. Blush Luxe Emerald G Rabbit Green
  3. Decadent Indulgence 2 Jack Rabbit
  4. iVibe Select-iRabbit Pink
  5. Waterproof I Vibe Jack Rabbit
  6. Osaki Twister Jack Rabbit 
  7. G Spot Vibrator and Clitoral Dual Action Beginners Hummingbird
  8. Blush Honey Badger Heartthrob Jack Rabbit
  9. Wow! Thruster Pink Jack Rabbit
  10. Basic Essentials Butterfly

Evolution Of Realistic Dildos

Women before 2002 really didn't have much of a choice when it came to their dildo sex toys.  The dildos prior 2002 were basically made from petroleum which is why they had that repulsive smell and they were hard and rigid and very outdated.  Doc Johnson has been making adult sex toys for over 35 years and is an American Based Company and manufacture.  The first toy from Doc Johnson and is still in production today is the Classic 8 Inch Dong.  The Classic Dong has been their best seller since the company was founded in 1976.  

Materials that Changed The Evolution of Realistic Dildos

The classic dong is made from PVC which stands for Polyvinyl Chloride and it enables the product to be made in various degrees of hardness and gives options in a vast array of colors.  This was the primary material for all dildos and dongs before the invention of UR3.  Doc Johnson Trade Marked UR3 in the early part of 2000's.  UR3 stands for Ultra Realistic 3D and this new material was the beginning of a whole new movement in the making of Realistic Dildos and Realist Dongs.  The material is commonly known as TPE / TPR which is a blend of rubber and plastic.  The use of these materials in the right combination allowed the dildos to have the feel human skin.  It is one of the most realistic blends that is on the market today.  This lead to the creation of another one of Doc Johnsons bestsellers Realistic Cock 6 Inch, Realistic cock 7 Inch, Realistic Cock 8 Inch.  

The realistic dildos of today feel real from the touch, to the firmness of the dong, all the way down to the veins being blended into the dildo.  Now there is a pleather of options of realistic dildos out on the market place everything from small realistic dildos to large enormous realistic dildos.  Along with the use of TPE / TPR materials being used another leap in the advancements of the dildo market is the use of Silicone.  There were a lot of people that couldn't use sex toys before because of allergies and which prompted manufactures to come up with healthier alternatives that were not only safe for use but also for the people that couldn't use the adult toy because of allergies.  Silicone was also introduced into the sex toy world in the early part of the 2000 decade.  Silicone is considered to be the most hygienic material in the adult sex toy market.  Silicone is used in vibrators such as Jack Rabbits as well as in realistic dildos, anal probes, prostate massagers.  It is by far the most popular material in use in todays sex toy market.  Its mainly for the fact that the material is non porous and the fact that you can even boil it making it one of the most sanitary materials.  One more material that has become popular in todays sex toy market is the use of Borosilicate glass.  This glass is very resistant to thermal shock or stress therefore under normal use less likely to break.  Glass is very hypoallergenic, non porous, and Phthalate free can be cooled or heated to extreme temperatures.  Glass being able to retain temperature whether cold or hot has introduced what is know as Temperature Play with women and men.  Cold causes muscles to contract therefore if a woman is wanting to make her vagina grip the dildo simply chill the toy and wahla instant gratification and heat makes your dildo feel lifelike so now the woman will and can have the best of both worlds. Click the link for more on Temperature Play.  This Change in the use of materials revolutionized the sex toy market as we know it today.

Sex Toys made by Women for Women

 Another huge leap in the evolution of the sex toy industry is that of women designing the adult toys.  Whether its a Vibrator, Dildo, Pocket Rocket, or Jack Rabbit it wasn't until the mid 2000's that women started designing sex toys.  The adult novelty industry was dominated by men and although we like to think that we know what women like and want it becomes very apparent very fast that we missed the mark.  Every woman's physical make up is different and so there needs and demands become different as well so who better to design these sex toys than women.  Dr Ruth Westheimer,  Susan Colvin of Jopen, Dr Laura Berman, just to mention a few.  These women in their own right have contributed to the evolution of Adult Sex Toys.

Dr Ruth Westheimer

Dr Ruth lived her life promoting healthy sexual being in a time when most people didn't like even saying the word sex.  She was a world renown sex therapist.  She spent a lot of her time talking and telling women its ok to have orgasms and how to achieve these orgasms.  In and around 2004 Dr Ruth endorsed a new toy called the eroscillator.  It featured different attachments but basically was a clitoral stimulator.  This sex toy like the Jack Rabbit was a new concept and kept women coming back for more.  Although the sales have declined since the invention, she paved the way for a new group of women to enter the adult toy industry to follow in her foot steps.

Dr. Laura Berman

Dr. Laura Berman LCSW, PhD exploded into the adult toy scene in the and around 2005.  Dr Bermans background is an assistant professor of psychiatry and obgyn at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University.  She has been a sex educator for over 20 plus years and has been considered a leader like Dr Ruth in her field of study.  Like Dr Ruth, Laura has adult toy endorsements.  Laura Berman joined forces with California Exoitic Novelties.  California Exotics also know as Cal Ex is another well known top manufacture of adult toys like Doc Johnson.  They build exceptional male and female sex toys with exceptional quality control.  Cal Ex and Dr. Berman unveiled a very popular collection of toys called the Dr. Laura Berman Sex Toy Collection.  This collection features 62 adult sex toys and lubes all products that are body safe and contribute to sexual health.  

Susan Colvin

Susan Colvin has been in the adult novelty industry for over 20 years and has an extensive background when it comes to sex toys.  Susan was General Manager for a distribution company called CPLC and Video Team.  This company had a a small adult novelty branch called Swedish Erotica.  Back then adult videos dominated the market and toys were an afterthought.  Vibrators were made of hard plastic, very loud, and unruly motors with little or no features.  They looked cheap.

Susan bought Swedish Erotica when CPLC disbanded in 1994 and changed the name to California Exotic Novelties.  Susan opened the doors of California Exotic Novelties in 1994 and within 6 months moved to the current location in which occupies three buildings and over 200,000 sq feet.  Susan was a big help in revolutionizing the adult toy market starting with packaging.  Before Cal Ex packaging was cheap and very inexpensive.  One could not see the product which was probably a good thing because of how cheap the toys were.  Now days the packaging is that of buying a nice luxury watch or expensive perfume.  This attention to detail not only to the packaging but the product itself has shaped the industry to what it is today.  Cal Ex also has a all woman team as product developers.  This is huge when you consider developing toys for women and couples.  Back in 1994 it was a common thing to hear "we have three plastic vibes in two styles.  Thats more than enough!  Why would anyone need more colors or styles."  Today Susan and California Exotics has proven why.

California Exotic Novelties


California Exotic Novelties is the world's largest and respected manufacture of adult novelties and pleasure objects.  Some major accomplishments which has kicked off the evolution of sex toys as we know it today.

  1. Marketed The Original Jack Rabbit
  2. Changed Packaging on the Sex Toys
  3. Brought Feminine Colors to Toys such as the Pinks and Purples
  4. Waterproof Vibrators
  5. Introduce Dildos and Vibrators that are 100% Premium Silicone
  6. Created Pulsating Vibrators here in America
  7. Introduced USB Rechargeable Sex Toys
  8. Developed a Talking Vibrator
  9. Brought Eco Friendly Sex Toys to the Marketplace
  10. Designed Butterfly Vibrators
  11. Promoted and used Warranties Through Vibetronics

The Evolution of the Vibrating Bullet

  1. Wired Bullets
  2. Wireless Hands Free Small Bullets
  3. Remote Control Vibrating Bullets

Wired Vibrating Bullets

Wired bullets have even evolved from their beginning.  Wired bullets today are very different from 10 years ago.  The wired bullets from yesterday didn't have any thrills just on/off and no speed control.  Today you will have choices as to what kind of material, how intense the bullet vibrates, and multi function vibrators that carry a pleather of options to you the end user.

Wireless Hands Free Small Bullets

Today one of the most sought after bullets is a wireless vibrating bullet.  One significant reason is the versatility and ability to be as discreet as you need to be.  The discovery of the wireless vibrating bullet has also created savings to the customer or end user.  When you purchased a toy of yesterday when the vibrator stopped working you had to go buy a brand new toy again even if the dong was perfectly fine.  Todays toys are being designed with end user in mind not only in creating mind blowing orgasms but also creating options so that when your vibrator has stopped working instead of having to purchase another toy you simply replace the bullet and the toy is as good as new.

Remote Control Vibrating Bullets

Remote control vibrating bullets have really changed the game in todays world of couples play and romance.  Wireless bullets are awesome and gives the end user versatility that women weren't accustomed to but with a remote control bullet you are now having role playing sessions with your partner like never before. The biggest difference between Wireless Bullets and the Remote Control Bullet is that fact the when a person has the remote control the use with remote can control speed of bullet, intensity of bullet, and when the bullet is on and off.  The woman or person wearing the bullet is at the mercy of the partner or person with the remote.  Now imagine slipping into some nice lace panties under your club dress and slip the vibrating bullet into the built in pouch to hold the bullet and going out to dinner and then to the club to get your groove on.  Your partner has the remote control and controls every vibration of seduction through out the night.  Talking about being the buzz of the town.  Ordering drinks from the bartender to getting lost in the music you will be rushing back to your room for the final night cap of the evening.  Speaking of getting lost in the music, the Club Vibe 2.0 not only is a remote but uses sound to cause vibrations through your bullet.  You can set the club vibe to respond:

  1. To the Remote Control
  2. Automatic Vibe
  3. Beat of the Music
Thats right you can set this remote control vibe to pick up on the audio and the louder the bass and beat of the music so is the intensity and pulsations of the bullet hidden beneath your dress.  Wow what a night.